124495About me:

I am an ELT teacher educator and methodology writer, and I teach on an on-line MA TESOL program for The New School in New York. But I live mainly in Spain.

A previous blog – An A-Z of ELT – can be found here.

For more about my publications and talks, visit my website.

About this blog:

I aim to blog weekly: new posts will be timed to appear on Sundays at 8.00am CEST. Set your clock.

4 responses to “About

  • Rasheed

    Glad that the Sunday posts are back, even with a change of title but I am sure they will be just as interesting.

  • Higor Cavalcante

    This is amazing, Scott! Fascinating topic and we’re all looking forward to reading about your progress.

  • Steve

    Inspired by the idea, I pledge to join you in your de-fossilisation. I hope this is not just a new-academic-year resolution for either of us. I’ll tweet what works for me. I have also been living in Spanish-speaking countries for about 9 years and have finally decided to resume private classes (via Skype, in fact) in the hope that I can have my errors corrected.

    I’m not sure if being a teacher myself has ever helped me as a learner. I wonder if my own beliefs about teaching have ever helped me much as a learner. I feel that if I am to succeed in the quest, I may need to set my judgements aside and place blind faith in my teacher in order to progress.

  • My Little Spanish Notebook

    Excellent blog! Very inspiring! Are you still writing? Saludos.

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